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An Advent Pilgrimage

An Advent Pilgrimage

It is love that brought us into being And it is love that brings us home For God is Love And love is the song of the universe.


God is love and love is the bright white light within us, the source of all that is. We breathe in the breath of life, the energy of love creating light and awareness within us.

God is love and light and Spirit God is Christ in whom all things are created in heaven And on earth…in whom all things were made And in whom all things are held together.

It is the Spirit that Quickens, awakening us, That Spirit of fire and of light and of life burning within us That ecstatic energy of fire and of life is Joy. Joy is the creating energy of the Spirit.

Yet, without Peace, there is no stability in our lives We become as wildfire, erratic, and chaotic.

It is the Peace of Christ on which we build our lives. Peace creates the lubrication of harmony into our hearts,

While the creative energy of Love, of God

is first head centered in our awareness,

It's the creative energy of Christ that is

Peace creates harmony in and through our hearts. Peace creates a fluid harmony within us

and a synchronicity without us.

We not only have peace within us,

but we are also Peace and Peacemakers in this world.

So Peace is the foundation of Christ within And among us, and yes, even with all of creation.

So as we become aware of the Star in the heavens Enlightening the way before us on our Advent Pilgrimage, Let us become aware and ponder on these things.

~ Bob #AdventPilgrimage Photo: “The Light of Christ in the Heart of All” via Integral Christian Network

As we can get so tangled up in our theology, traditions, and preconceptions, here's a fresh look at the three creating and transforming dynamics of God within us.


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