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Exploring The Sacred Unknowing

I'm taking a fresh look at Advent and wondering why we didn't make the evolutionary jump Jesus so clearly brought for us. Why did we dumb everything down to the literal and the analytical and suppressed our genius intuitive heart? Everything became about information, what you knew and what you believed instead of transformation.

The whole earth is in birth pangs. It's time for a cool change.

Exploring The Sacred Unknowing

Beneath all that we know and perceive, Everything we see and feel as ourselves, There is a liminal space in the stillness of being where the matrix of all we perceive and have known slowly unravels and falls away into the stillness, into the mystery of unknowing at the very roots of our being.

Even we fall away into the vastness of awe and wonder. We are dancing between the molecules of form and becoming In that energetic quantum field of being. We dance in the luminous mystery of creating life. For we are life-giving spirits in Christ And co-creators in the infinite possibilities of life. We are children of light And we are children of God Slowly waking up.

Photo: The Pillars of Creation are set off in a kaleidoscope of color in NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared-light view.


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