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Contemplative Monk exists as a community, a resource, and an invitation.



Contemplative Monk exists for you! If you've found your way here, it's likely that you're a deep diver too. Our community is filled with a hunger to live with authenticity, meaning, and depth. We love exploring the riches found in all wisdom traditions. Though most of us are Christian in origin, we find ourselves blessed by the Sufis, the Jewish Kabbalah tradition, Buddhists, Celtic and indigenous roots, and many more.

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What is contemplation? How should I pray? ​What does the wisdom of the ancients have to teach me? How does trauma impact the interior life? How do neuropsychology and spirituality intersect?

We are curious folk here at Contemplative Monk--in more ways than one! To accompany us on our explorations, we've brought together some of the leading voices in the contemplative world, each contributing from their own grassroots project or area of experience.

On our pages, you'll find articles, podcasts, and book reviews. Check out topics ranging from praying with nature to pandemic practices to the divine feminine.


Where is life inviting you? Here at Contemplative Monk, we are convinced that the divine beckons through the events of our ordinary lives. 

There is nothing to achieve, no masterpiece to perfect. You are already wholly loved, held in existence with a tenderness and admiration that knows no bounds. All our wondering and wandering is an attempt to live nestled into the bosom of this Love.

What desires has the divine ignited in you? We hope you'll join us in exploring.



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the Team

Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes

Founder & Editor

Bob Holmes is our resident singer, photographer, and muse. Growing up in the Appalachian mountains, he'll tell you his native blood makes him feel "10,000 years deep" when he sets foot there. After a wide variety of interior travels (ask him which religions and denominations he hasn't tried!), he has landed in Florida where he continues to write and reflect. 

Michael Petrow.jpg
Michael Petrow


Michael Petrow is a spiritual director with a passion for Jungian psychology, early Christian thought, and Campbell's mythology. He works designing contemplative curriculum, and teaches classes at the Guild for Spiritual Guidance. When he's not exploring the contemplative life, you might find him hiking the mountains and plateaus of New Mexico. 

Kelly Deutsch

Director of Mischief

Kelly Deutsch is a spiritual director, podcaster, and bestselling author. After being in a convent for years, her life fell apart with serious illness. She spent 18 months mostly bedridden, a time she calls “the most harrowing and beautiful of my life.” Emerging on the other side, she loves teaching others about the intersection of contemplative spirituality and psychology. When she isn’t exploring the interior life, you might find her wandering under Oregonian skies or devouring Indian food.

Rita Sommers-Flanagan


Rita Sommers-Flanagan is a clinical psychologist, author, jogger, gardener, weed-puller, and aspiring mystic. She is woefully monolinguistic in human languages but has regular (sometimes unwilling) bilingual conversations with The Universe, who insists on co-authorship in certain practices. The translations required can be both exhausting and exhilarating. She hales from Montana and claims close relationships with locally famous people who are trying to save the earth and care for each other. She is both sad and happy, broken and whole, brilliant and dimwitted, old and young. She is alive in the moment and often claims that is enough.