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spiritual wanderlust podcast

Exploring the wild, untamed frontiers of the interior life

Welcome to the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast! In each episode, I talk with inspiring guests—contemplative teachers, embodiment experts, neuropsychologists, and mystics—about their spiritual practices, path to healing, and search for the divine.

I'm your host, Kelly Deutsch. As a former nun and neuroscience aficionado, I bring you 19 years of contemplative practice and curiosity. 

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With a wily blend of ancient wisdom, scientific research, and outright mischief, we'll explore topics like divine intimacy, trauma, somatic tools, and how our vulnerability leads us to wholeness.

Launched in August 2021 as a live video podcast on Contemplative Monk, it has already attracted tens of thousands of weekly listeners. Listen to our latest episodes below, and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Kelly Deutsch by river


Laura Michele Diener is a professor of medieval and ancient history at Marshall University, where she directed the Women’s Studies program from 2014-2021.

Rebellious Women: Hildegard, Joan of Arc, Dorothy Day and Sigrid Undset

with Laura Michele Diener

History is full of women misbehaving. In time periods when speaking out could get you burned at the stake, some women had the audacity to speak their minds anyway.

Karl Thienes with Kelly Deutsch

12 Step Wisdom as a Spiritual Path

with Karl Thienes

The 12 Steps have been called the greatest American contribution to spirituality today. Today we’re going to talk about how the 12 Steps can contribute to your spiritual growth, even if you would not consider yourself an addict.

Laura, Kate & Kelly

3 Artists on the Spirituality that Moves Them

with Laura Wilde, Kate Marin & Kelly Kruse

What is it that artists try to communicate through their medium? And what does it have to do with the divine? Join opera singer Laura Wilde, sculptor Kate Marin, and painter Kelly Kruse as they reveal what moves them to create art...

Emily Kerpelman and Kelly Deutsch - IFS demo

A Demonstration of IFS session for Healing Anxiety

with Emily Kerpelman

Do you struggle with a busy mind? (How can we not, with the pace of life??) Whether you’re seeking to quiet your monkey brain for meditation, or you simply want to be free from gripping anxiety...

The search for divine union can feel like a pretty intangible thing

Am I a mystic? 6 Signs you might be

with Kelly Deutsch

The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 5

Kaylen Asbo with Kelly Deutsch

Celtic spirituality, depth psychology, and Mary Magdalene

with Kayleen Asbo

Kayleen Asbo is one of the most interesting conversationalists you’ll ever meet. Weaving threads from her studies in depth psychology, music, mysticism, myth and history, she crafts a warm and beautiful tapestry...

Fr. Daniel Renaud and Kelly Deutsch

Dreamwork as Spiritual Practice

with Fr. Daniel Renaud

Ever wonder what significance your dreams hold - or how the divine might speak through them?

How does one become a mystic?

How do I Become a Mystic?

with Kelly Deutsch

The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 2

how to pray contemplative prayer?

How do you pray contemplative prayer? (Including demo!)

with Kelly Deutsch

The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 4

Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley  with Kelly Deutsch

Indigenous Spirituality

with Randy Woodley

What do indigenous traditions have to teach us? And what do we Westerners need to unlearn in order to be receptive to indigenous wisdom?

What’s the difference between meditation and contemplation?

Meditation vs. Contemplation: What’s the difference?

with Kelly Deutsch

The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 3

Amy Kenny and Kelly Deutsch

My Body is Not a Prayer Request

with Amy Kenny

What embodied wisdom do disabled bodies have to share?

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