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Creating A Sacred Place: Tending The Threshold


Creating Your Sacred Place

The beginning of any flourishing, sustainable, and overflowing spiritual life is having a devotional time and place. We create a sacred space and our sacred space creates us.

Create your own sacred space where you can soak in the Presence of God and be restored in your morning devotions.

In the process, you will begin to expand and notice that every space becomes sacred. You are bringing heaven on earth.

You are creating a place that grounds you, a place that grounds you in eternity and in God.

Tending The Threshold

In beginning a Daily Devotion habit, you are setting aside a place for the sole purpose of prayer and meditation. It can appear counter-intuitive, but it’s the cornerstone of any good spiritual practice.

Have fun with it. Get stoked. Make it a project of joy.

You are creating a place of rest, not labor. You want to make a place that draws you in, not a place to work.

You are Creating a Sanctuary, a holy place, a sacred space.

You are establishing a place of refuge in the world, a place where your mind and heart can shift gears when you sit down.

Make a journal of your journey

So as you create your sanctuary, gather simple things that inspire you to engage…maybe a cross, a candle, or a Bible.

But be sure to have some way to write down what God says to you, so you can remember later when things aren’t flowing, to inspire, comfort, and encourage you.

Keep It Fun

You don’t want to create a place of duty, that burdens you down.

You are creating a place of light and life that lifts your spirit.

So take your time, and enjoy the process.

Creating is a journey, not a destination.

A sacred space can be simply a chair or a place on the floor or walking outside

On a side note: It should be noted that your goal on difficult mornings can be just to sit down. No daily prayer offices, no Scripture readings, no centering prayer, maybe one simple word, Jesus.

You are creating a connection point, a place of communion and worship.

Be good to yourself and expect God to show up.

Start Small: Everything begins with small beginnings. Baby steps.

Keep It Simple

Your practice will grow, and build and morph, and change. It’s a lot like tilling the earth for a garden. You are tending the threshold.

So keep refining, do what works and abandon what doesn’t work for you. It’s OK. It’s progress, not perfection after all. Leave the perfection up to God.

As a wrap-up, let me clue you in on something you may not be aware of. Spirit in Hebrew, Greek, and many other languages is breath, wind, energy, and life. Spirit is the essence of who you really are, your being, your true self. Spiritual practice is practicing or engaging your spirit.

If you’ve ever played a sport, it’s like this: You’re preparing the field for your spiritual practice, and preparation begins the night before. In fact, the Biblical day begins at sunset with rest.

So getting a good night’s rest is vital. That’s why you should put your devices in another room.

Spirit is an energy thing. Cultivate your energy. In spiritual practice, we are cultivating our energy, not our time.

We are all beginners every single morning. We begin again, and connect and set ourselves up for an encounter.

Enjoy creating your Sacred Space.


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