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On A Quiet Advent Night

My soul rests in God alone… ~ Ps. 62:2

Most of us tend to hear or have Scripture quoted rapid-fire at our 'doing level' of awareness, But at a 'being level', the words beneath the words slowly unfold within us, Like the luminous petals of a rose, The fragrance of heaven fills our hearts,

All the while God is calling our being into sup with Him in the night. We learn that it's not what we can say or do or believe, But what God does within us, So we wait.

It has been said, 'The greatest gift you can give someone you love is your presence.' And so it is at the manger, As we await the Advent of the presence of our Lord within our hearts. God will meet us there in the stillness, like a soft Bethlehem evening.

God will dwell with you in that eternal moment When time itself was laid open to the sound of angels And the world is wrapped in wonder at a star in the sky.

And now may the radical grace of God's presence indwell you, enfold you, and give you peace.

~ Bob Holmes #advent


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