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Walking With Wisdom

Maybe we've been slowed down for a reason. Maybe we've been given this time to rediscover what really matters.

Birth and Death are bookends on an eternal journey. In the quantum stream of things, how we live each moment, and how we love each other, have an eternal resonance.

Getting to heaven isn't the point, but living heaven on earth is. It's why Jesus came.

Children know how to savor life to take it all in. You've probably seen children step out of time, getting lost in play.

"It's the truth. Unless you become like little children, you can't enter the kingdom of heaven." ~Jesus

So we get to choose to learn again, every day, to rest, to savor, to play, and to soak in the presence of God. We are so busy with all our doing, performing, and getting things done that we lose our springs of joy at the core of our being.

Notice that all of our becoming and all of our outworking flows from these headwaters of eternal life.

So, Take time with eternity. Practice God's presence.

It will do you an eternal world of good.

Be kind to yourself and take care of each other.


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