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The Liminal Space of Thresholds

I took this picture as I walked into an Advent Taize' Service this Wednesday night and it was literally like walking into a liminal space. I hope this stirs a deep excitement within you.

Advent is a season of liminal space where we dwell in the in-between, in that sacred space of change and transformation.

The Liminal Space of Thresholds

Advent is a pilgrimage of the heart where we kiss the earth, so that we might gaze into the eyes of the greatest miracle of all time and eternity, to see the eyes of God and child as one.

"In the universe, there are things that are known, and there are things that are unknown, and in between them there are doors." ~ William Blake

We all need to consciously spend time at the thresholds of our lives, and we need wise elders to create and hold such spaces for us. ~ Richard Rohr

Giving and Holding Space

Let us let go of our body's memory, and trauma holding us to a past we can't change, And let us let go of the mind that focuses our attention on a future we can't control, So that we might inhabit that liminal space between...

Let us give and hold space for each other there on the threshold of transcendence and change in the thin places of earth and heaven.

Let us be for each other light and life, breath and spirit

Let us give and hold space in the ebb and flow, in the coming and going in the guiding and reframing, in the tears and the joys

Let us give and hold space for each other in ascending and descending, in the birthing and in the dying in the loving and in the suffering, in the building and the breaking, between who we are and what we are becoming between all duality.

Let us let go, unattaching and disentangling ourselves from our past and future. Let us give and hold space in the in-between In the here and now, On the threshold of time and eternity, Let us give and hold space for each other's souls.

Happy Advent!


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