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Joy & Delight

Meditations for Advent

Be Born Through Me Today

Out of the depths of eternity we come and are born. But who are we, in the grand illusions we create? Our distinctions frame our egos like gods of our own reflection. But there, deeper, at our very core, our source of life, is our oneness. Like a spring flowing goodness, out of our heart, out of our inner being Like an everlasting birth, sparkling with joy and light.

As the Fall falls off us, like an old tattered garment, We are living spirits, life-giving in Christ Born and born again We are humans being alive in the breath of God, Resting, pulsating, in the fullness of light. Our souls are ecstatic in the lightness, the illumination, the breath of the light of love shining through us like sunbeams dancing on the waters, like lightning across the heavens dancing within the fullness of the abundance being created Shining, flowing, through us. Awakening our hearts Opening our eyes within the mystery of dawn.

The cascade of colors, of winds, and of birdsongs, weaving through the trees in a forest tapestry, Creating the rhythms like the ocean's ebb and flow like the breathing of our lungs, embracing the creating life, and releasing our blessings into the world.

This life flow of atoms, of singing light in the rhythm of heaven from the inside out. collecting us into the dance of oneness, this perichoresis of light and delight In this quantum entanglement, this Trinity of heavenly energies, we dance.

O Awaken me within this mystery of wholeness Delighting in the waters Delighting in the light Your breath in all being awakening our hearts from our darkness into light from unawareness into sight, Holding our forms on the wings of the winds timeless songs, gathering all into one glorious light.

Sweeping us up into the vast eternal oneness of stars singing in their burning glory of wholeness, of being alive is who we really are in Christ. We are the life-giving breath of God In human form on earth.

A Blessing

May Peace fill your heart

and plant your soul in heaven's soil.

May love surround your heart

to hold you close

in the warm hold of your Father's arms.

And may the ecstatic joy of the Spirit

give you holy strength

to both abide and abound

in the grace that surpasses all comprehension in Christ.


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