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The Sacred Feminine & What I've Learned About Growing Old

The Sacred Feminine

Wisdom is the discovery and recovery process of restoration in our lives, the shedding of our ego, so that the eternal may come forth.
Wisdom has two wings, inner Kindness, and outer Compassion.

On Growing Old

"Old age is a losing proposition. Getting older is learning how to deal with loss, one thing after another. But the beautiful genius is, as our temporal facade falls apart, the eternal within us begins to shine through."

On the one hand, as we get older, when we can't get everything done, no matter how hard we try, but then again, just by the sheer number of years we've lived, and all the seasons of life we've lived through, we've gained wisdom.

Wisdom is heart-centered and embodied.

No matter how many mistakes you've made, things you've done wrong, no matter how many people you've hurt, and no matter how many times you've screwed it up, you've gained wisdom. Just by the sheer number of years you've lived, you've made it. You've got a lifetime of untapped wisdom you probably don't even know you have. Wisdom is about recovery and restoration.

Hagía Sophía, The Sacred Feminine, Mother Mary, Spirit of Wisdom, The Holy Spirit

Wisdom pours into us out of the overflowing eternal fountain of Sophia (the Holy Spirit), into every level of our conscious awareness. From our good ole common sense to our sainthood.

Wisdom brings eternal life and creates abundance in our hearts and lives, through ways we can't even imagine.

O Dayspring of Life and Light

Wisdom is the day-spring of our hearts pouring out grace, hope, and peace into our lives.

Wisdom speaks and works through us, as she grows her eternal fruit within us.

Scripture names her Sophia because Wisdom's source comes not through our analytical, or ego-driven mind, but through the intuitive nature of our heart, the sacred feminine.

The Sacred Heart of Christ

She whispers in our ears and opens our eyes to see. She is the sacred heart of Christ within and our constant companion.

Hard-headed determination is not Wisdom.

Though Wisdom may allow you to fall into a burning cauldron of love, she will never harm you, for hers is the work of love within you, to knit you together with the threads of eternity, and to weave you together into the life-giving fabric of ever creating, everlasting life.

She is your companion, to walk with you through the fires of transformation, to empower, and to travel with you on your journey home.

There Is No Ego in Wisdom

There is no ego in wisdom, only love. Her rebuke is not to control you, but to free you. Her words are not to indoctrinate, but to enlighten you.

Freedom is her pathway, and love is her home.

So come into her ways and feast at her table. For She is the sacred heart of Christ that guides you and awakens you to the Presence of God that makes you whole.

Drink of Her Cup

So drink, drink deep the living waters that awaken and quicken your life. Allow them to flow through you, and out your mouth like honey, through your hands and feet as the living expression of love. It is through our embodiment that we cultivate faithfulness and peace in this world.

You are the wisdom keeper you've been waiting for your whole life.

~ Bob Holmes #walkingwithwisdom


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1 Comment

Deacon Dan Rosen
Deacon Dan Rosen
May 17, 2022

The picture of the Owl reminded me of this old poem my grandmother related.

The wise old owl sat in an oak,

the more he heard, the less he spoke,

the less he spoke, the more he heard,

so why can't we be like that bird.

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