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The Breath Prayer: Jesus

Sweeping The Threshold

The Breath Prayer: Jesus

Light a candle, play some soft music, say a meaningful prayer, a Psalm like the 23rd, or whatever helps you to let go and enter into the stillness of devotion.

The monastics call this practice entering the cave of our heart. The Franciscans have a prayer tradition from the early church where they lower their head below their heart to remind themselves that it's our heart first in approaching God.

A breath prayer is simply a way to drop our linear mind, to enter our spirit through our breath.

Take three deep breaths and slowly center yourself in your heart.

As breath is spirit,

Breathe in this moment...

Let the stillness soak into your being.

Breathe in forgiveness, and breathe out your release.

Breathe in faith, and breathe out thanksgiving.

Breathe in silently saying 'Jes', and breathe out silently saying 'us'.

Allow yourself to cross the threshold into the rest of Christ finished work

Close your eyes or let them rest gently focused a few feet in front of you,

Let your face relax into a soft smile as you breathe naturally

Breathe... embracing belonging, releasing gratitude,

Focusing on the presence of Jesus.

Letting go and letting God,

Like a trust fall into the arms of God

Allowing yourself to feel well, and whole in these eternal arms.

Feeling Beloved

Feeling the joy of God's presence.

Free from suffering and harm,

Free and whole.

Take your time to savor, and soak in the presence of God.

~ Bob Holmes #comeintothequiet

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1 Comment

Rebecca Eagle
Rebecca Eagle
Jan 17, 2022

This was beautiful the first time I read it, and so I had to return to soak it in again. I have been writing a memoir for each of us to return to breath as sacred practice and remember the divine we hold within. This moved me and met me in the space I hold dear. Bless your work, and thank you for sharing it. ❤️

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