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The Quantum Jump from Form To Substance

In the Christian Mystic tradition, our spiritual practice is not a manipulation from the outside in, but a flow and growth from the inside out, that we 'work out what God has worked within us'. It's all grace.

It begins with God and not with ourselves, thus bypassing the Ego at a quantum level.

Spiritual Practice is practicing our spirit, not primarily our soul or our body. It's tapping into what Thomas Merton called 'the virginal point' at the center of our being. Again, this is a quantum energetic way of approaching spiritual practice. We are facilitating How We Are Designed.

Let me say it again, In spiritual practice, we are facilitating how we are designed.

Since our fall into dualism, the Ego of our soul, keeps us focused on the future, and what may happen.

On the other side, our body tends to keep us anchored in our past, genetically and emotionally with trauma.

Between these two, the Past and the Future, is the living present, sometimes called liminal space, or Karos time which is the way through.

Meditation, in its limitless forms, helps develop our ability to create a space between our fallen timebound self, ie our ego, and our body trauma, so that our True Self, our timeless self, our essence, luminous self, our Being can arise in our consciousness. Or come out of the woodwork.

Contemplation is the mystery of our merging into God, into the Eternal One, in a synergy of eternal life: Christ in us and us in Christ. It can be observed within like a spark of unassailable light in our soul.

Integration is where the rubber meets the road. ie Christ in us.

Transformation without integration is like being stillborn, nothing fully changes.

You may have accepted Jesus, and been filled with the Holy Spirit, but has your transformation become more than a momentary or weekly experience? Is this seed of light illuminating your life? Are you living in awe and wonder? Is ecstatic joy unfolding you in bliss?

Then we enter into the evolutionary step in Christ of Innerbeing with others. Our spirit intermingles with spirit, and heart-to-heart on a quantum energetic level. We quicken each other.

Spiritual fellowship as with all spirituality is a discovery and a recovery process we lost to dualism, and at the Tower of Babel. Literally or metaphorically, the results are the same.

This spiritual Oneing is the true nature of the Body of Christ. We are life-giving spirits, a new creation...a new humanity to heal the earth.

We are All in an evolutionary jump, like a caterpillar into a butterfly. Be present, be present with others, transform, and integrate your transformation.

~ Bob Holmes #walkingwithwisdom


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