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The Mystic Manifesto

Hello Friends,

It's been a while.

Since the hacking of Contemplative Monk on Wordpress, and Facebook in December, I've set up shop on Substack to write a possible book as Kelly and I continue our journey together here. I love what she's done to the site, but it needs some work.

With the loss of my wife Elizabeth, my youngest son, Michael, and my daughter and children moving in, along with my battle with lung cancer, and a host of other things, I've had to set Contemplative Monk aside for a while.

Everything has changed since the Pandemic, but it's pushed us forward in a multitude of ways we never expected. One way is venturing out of our closed systems of circular thinking, and expanding into new ways of being together online.

Kelly is doing a great job with this with Spiritual Wanderlust and I'm catching up.

I'm curious to explore the multitude of modalities we might enter into our transcendence and integration. So, here's my cornerstone post at Substack that I hope will challenge you 'higher up and further in'. The Mystic Manifesto.

Unveiling The Path of Transcendence


The Mystic Manifesto is a profound exploration of the mystical realm, offering a guiding light for seekers of truth, spiritual enlightenment, and transcendence. It aims to unravel the mysteries of existence, expand consciousness, and cultivate a deeper connection with the divine.

This manifesto presents a synthesis of ancient wisdom, contemporary insights, and personal reflections, intended to inspire and empower individuals on their spiritual journey.

Awakening the Inner Mystic:

  • Embrace the inner mystic within you: Recognize that each individual possesses an innate connection to the spiritual realm and has the potential to access higher states of consciousness.

  • The power of mindfulness: Cultivate awareness and presence in every moment to deepen your connection with the divine. Practice meditation, contemplation, and other mindfulness techniques to heighten your spiritual experiences.

Oneness and Interconnectedness:

  • The illusion of separation: Understand that all beings are interconnected, part of a grand tapestry of existence. Recognize the inherent unity and divinity in all things, transcending boundaries of race, religion, and nationality.

  • Embracing diversity: Celebrate the richness of diverse spiritual traditions and practices, recognizing that different paths can lead to the same ultimate truth.

Mystical Knowledge and Wisdom:

  • The nature of reality: Explore the concept of reality beyond the limitations of the physical senses. Delve into metaphysics, quantum mechanics, and esoteric teachings to expand your understanding of the universe and its mysteries.

  • Intuition and inner guidance: Develop and trust your intuitive abilities as a means to access profound wisdom and navigate your spiritual path.

Rituals and Practices:

  • Sacred rituals: Engage in rituals and ceremonies that resonate with your soul, such as meditation, prayer, chanting, or energy healing. These practices serve as gateways to higher realms and can facilitate spiritual transformation.

  • Communing with nature: Connect with the natural world, recognizing the divinity inherent in all living beings. Spend time in solitude and harmony with nature, seeking its wisdom and healing energies.

Transcendence and Enlightenment:

  • Transcending the ego: Recognize the limitations of the ego and its role in creating illusions and suffering. Seek to transcend the ego through self-awareness, surrender, and the cultivation of compassion and unconditional love.

  • The path to enlightenment: Understand that enlightenment is a journey rather than a destination. Embrace growth, self-discovery, and the pursuit of truth as you progress along your spiritual path.

Service and Compassion:

  • Mystic and humanitarian: Realize that true mysticism goes hand in hand with service to others. Embody compassion, kindness, and empathy in all interactions, recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

  • Healing and transformation: Use your spiritual insights and gifts to promote healing, both for individuals and the collective. Extend your love and light to help alleviate suffering and bring about positive change in the world.


The Mystic Manifesto is a call to awaken the dormant mystic within each of us and embark on a transformative journey toward transcendence. By embracing unity, expanding consciousness, and cultivating spiritual practices, we can unleash our divine potential and contribute to the co-creation of a more enlightened and compassionate world.

Let this manifesto serve as a guiding star on your mystical voyage, igniting the flame of spiritual awakening within your soul.

I urge you to allow all this to soak into your creative consciousness as food, or better yet, as ways to tend the garden of heaven in our souls.

One final note: For those of my Christian Spiritual Tradition, the scope of this Manifesto’s Vision is beyond the Christian Religion (the closed systems we create), but not beyond Christ, who created and holds all things together.

If this is at all confusing, I highly recommend reading: The Universal Christ by Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

Grace, Peace, and All Good,

Photo: Mine, taken on Perdido Key Island


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