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She stands tall Like a mother over the earth With the last of her leaves Waving like prayer flags in the wind She has learned, once again The art of letting go Of each little leaf, each identity Each little death, She has set them free To dance in the wind In a glorious display Of light and shadows, Of colors and hues Now she stands tall Bare before the world With her exquisite beauty of grace and character Edged into every crevice, every limb Written in the core of her heart In Wonder Her Grace of transmuting sunlight Into life-giving nourishment Feeding throughout the forest floor So she now dwells In rest, Within the vast mycelium network Resting in sunlight unseen She dwells Silent and tall In the earth of her maker In the fall of the land In the stillness of rest It may be Fall, but Spring is coming When she will rise into the light, again.

~ Bob Holmes #comeintothequiet


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