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Praying Into Wholeness

A Meditation on Prayer

Albrecht Dürer 1507

Praying with our whole heart and soul

We bring together two hands into one heart

Our Intuitive left with our Analytical right

Our Feminine left with our Masculine right

Our Yin left with our Yang right

Two hands come together into One as we pray

To, With, and In the creating Spirit of life.

We pray in the Presence of all

All of those who have gone before us

That great Cloud of Witnesses

Are here with us

Prayer is not a solitary act,

Prayer is the sacred communion

of entering through the veil.

Our prayers may be as simple as 'Help'

or as grand as we like,

But Prayer is the heartbeat that meets

spirit to Spirit with God

Intertwining as the smoke of incense

within that quickening breath

of God in our bones

Grounding our Being

in Peace & Presence

Belonging & Home.

So as We bring the two into One

The duality of our lives into Wholeness

May we begin with

Peace and Well Being in Wholeness,

Love with our Father

Peace with the Son

& Joy with the Holy Spirit

Be yours

To Be with you

and Abide in you

Now and forever, Amen

~ Bob Holmes #comeintothequiet


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