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Come Into The Quiet of Advent

Come Into The Quiet Advent Is a Season of Light and of Mystery. Come out into the wonder... I encourage you to create for yourself a little sacred space for this Advent Season. Set aside a time and place for meditation and contemplation…A sacred space for daily quickening and restoration. A place that draws your heart like a little child into the stillness and into the wonder.

Sweep the Threshold Clear and Enter In.

Enter into that liminal space between the past and the future in the vast and eternal now.

Our spiritual practice is a setup for the transcendent.

Our inner atmosphere sets the tone of our life. Make a date with yourself.

This Season of Light is a great time to start a spiritual practice of meditating and centering yourself in Presence. Learning to be in Presence.

I love to just sit out under the trees, even when it’s cold. The Celtic and Native Indigenous forms stir my soul and quicken my spirit, just sitting around a small crackling fire. In Ireland, the hearth is the altar of the home.

I often chaff under civilization but appreciate its comforts. I was talking with a retired farmer tonight who’s living in assisted living and could sense his yearning for the wild and free. How many of us have succumbed to living in a cage of our own design? Maybe this is such a time to begin to design your own liberation.

Structure your spiritual practice however, you find it meaningful. Let it draw you into the mysterious and transcendent. These are merely ideas.

As you are your own Guru, seek, design, and explore what shifts you out into the deep and expansive…what moves you to explore the transcendent.

Happy Advent!

Tools To Use & Explore: The Centering Prayer App Check your App Store for a free app. Insight Timer is another good free one. Richard Rohr’s Preparing For Christmas is awesome. Again, the tools are not the practice. You are setting yourself up for transcendence. Be intuitive. Use what stirs and wakes you up.


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