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You Are Not Alone

I wrote this during my first round with cancer after getting my kidney removed. This is for you who have or are having your lives blown apart. You Are Not Alone!

You Are Not Alone

It's alright to be discombobulated.

It's ok to live in the shambles where everything is blown apart.

Those who live lives of firm certainty cannot know transformation.

Fundamentalism is a head game of our self-control.

Until your life has been torn apart

as you stand on the edge of oblivion

Until our control falls apart into the chaos of unknowing

Until our ego melts and burns in the cauldrons of life

Until we have no whisper of hope left within us

as we stand naked and broken

our molecules on the cusp of being unmade

We cannot know in every cell of our being

the grace and love of God that transforms us

Being in being

Woven with eternal threads

of burning, living, light

where we become

Something we cannot fathom

Such is the grace of God

that unmakes us to make us whole

Where rivers of bottomless compassion flow,

with the imperishable light burning in our souls.

Where we companion with grace, and walk each other home.

You are not alone.

~ Bob Holmes #livingwithcancer


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