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Wisdom For Uncertain Times

In this time of the Pandemic and uncertainty, our ego is screaming at us, trying to drown out all else. Yes, things like fear, loss, suffering, and grieving must be processed. But there's a deeper current running below the apparent chaos. A deeper grounding in the Eternal. An eternal base note. Can you hear it?

Spirituality Is Simple

Spirituality is really simple. We must die to our small selves so that we might live in God.

We stand outside the faith we purport until we do this. We remain the finger-pointing at Jesus, outside looking in.

Dying and Shifting

This dying and this shift of consciousness is a daily thing. Why? Because Christ inhabits our present consciousness. This is the eternal current underneath the constant change and chaos we see. It is the stillness in the storm.

This is why Jesus says, 'Abide in me, for apart from me you can do nothing.' Abiding isn't in the past or future, We can only abide here and now. Abiding transcends all our past and all our future in this living moment.

It's a Dying too...

Now, for this to be more than merely an academic exercise, we must have a change of consciousness, (ie the mind of Christ). We learn to see through God's eyes of love and compassion. We grow and walk in the Spirit. This is what it means to walk heaven on earth.

And from Christ, we are the light of this world, the salt of the earth, that which fundamentally transforms the very earth beneath our feet as we are grounded in the Eternal.

Eternal Grounding

Until we see and embody the eternal, we are merely captives to our own time and place. Only God can awaken you daily, with your surrendering, emptying, engagement, of course.

It's time to awaken in Christ.


Now may the peace of Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, inhabit, embody, and connect you into this holy grace, the eternal life in this world.

~ Bob Holmes #comeintothequiet


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