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Why Do Believers Cross Themselves?

Symbols Are Reminders to Wake-Up

Spiritual symbols and forms are the 'outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual' reality and grace, as are all sacraments.

Through awareness, we are enabled to move from form to substance, from shadows to reality. We shift into our spirit in awakened awareness, crossing the threshold into Spirit, into the eternal, and into the presence of God.

We cross our heads, our hearts, and our lips to remember that as Jesus died for us on the cross, so we choose to die to ourselves, that we might live in Him, and rest in his finished work for us.

The love of God continues to make the Way where there was no way, that through Jesus, we might enter into the abundant, eternal life of God.

All spiritually is received, never attained. That's the nature of grace.

Our forms, our Creeds, our Sacraments, our Priests, our Pastors, and Shepherds can all point the way, but they can’t do it for us. Only we can choose to ‘let go and let God’…choose to die daily to our old selves so that we might live into our new life in Jesus our Savior. Only we can abide in Jesus. This is indeed the great mystery beyond our comprehension we all need to fathom.

Photo by Patrick Doheny


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