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The Space Between, A Third Way

If you're locked in an 'either or' consciousness, here's a little breakthrough practice using our emotions. There is always a third way.

We are created Body, Soul, and Spirit, a triune in the image and likeness of the Trinity of God.

The Third Way of Experiencing

We experience Pleasure in our Body

And We experience Happiness in our Soul

And between the two, In the Present, We can experience Joy in our Spirit.

Joy is immutable in time and space because its source is eternal.

And it is here, between our Body's experience holding us to our past,

And our Soul's experience holding us to our future,

That as we make a little space between our body and our soul,

We may enter into the liminal space of our Spirit.

It is here we may have communion with the divine and the divine in each other.

This is where we may discover our spiritual fellowship and inner being together.

~ Bob Holmes


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