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The Future Christian Begins Here & Now

The Christian of the future will be a mystic or he will not exist at all. ~ Fr. Karl Rahner SJ

For the Christian of all stripes: Evangelical, Charismatic, and Liturgical, the mystic unravels us into an unfolding fluid ‘life-creating’ eternal perspective that is both fully embodying and out of the body in our living present.

The Mystic includes and transcends the logic of dualism because as Christian Mystics, we do not merely live in time and space, but we also are living in transcendence in and as Christ did before us.

For example, before Jesus expressed his three great embodying 'I AM's, He says, Before Abraham was I AM. Jesus is dwelling before Abraham ever was, and with his disciples in that living present moment. Jesus is present in both time and eternity.

For if we have died to our dualistic life and our new life is veiled in Christ, the born again life, the mystic life, is the life we live in Christ.

As Jesus said,

So As we live in this liminal space, living ‘in the in between’ in and with Christ, Practice the Presence of God.

Our Freedom Is In Christ

We are living out of the eternal in Christ, working out what God has worked within us with our lives.

It’s to note that the Word of God is Jesus, not merely Scripture, the shadow before the Light. Jesus said,

A mystic is what we are, living in Christ, if we are awake to our life in Christ.

Our proof texts are the love of God, written on our hearts, and flowing from our lives.

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