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“I cannot imagine how religious persons can live satisfied without the practice of the presence of GOD. For my part I keep myself retired with Him in the depth of the center of my soul as much as I can, and while I am so with Him I fear nothing, but the least turning from Him is insupportable.” ~ Brother Lawrence

Every saint, sage, and mystic is known by their presence. The greatest thing we bring into this world is our presence, flowing out of the center of our being.

We live in a God-soaked world.

God's presence is all around us, but are we aware?

Heaven, the atmosphere of God is within and without us. We are called to carry the atmosphere of God through abiding. We bring heaven to earth. Become aware that you carry and pulsate and bring alive the very electrical charge of eternity that resonates within you and within all of creation. And become aware, we carry this together.

In Christ, we begin the healing of heaven and earth. All Creation groans and is waiting for you to become who you really are.

Can you feel the immensity of it?

We are born anew in Christ, our Lord, our Master, our Teacher, and our Brother, whose Bride we are together, and in Christ, we embrace the whole universe and all of time and space.

We are the access point for the healing of the world.

The life we bear begins to heal and connects us together into the flow of eternal life, into the choreography of God. We join in the dance with our father God, and dance with brother Christ, and dance with sister Spirit, in oneness, in wholeness, and in life. We join in the dance, the Perichoresis of God, that quantum entanglement of creating life.

And in this dance of love, and joy, and peace...spilling out into the world is a river of healing life and light, quickening everything it touches.

That feeling of thirst may you taste in these words, may it draw you to dive in, to drink deep, to begin, and to burn with the fire of eternity in your heart in Christ, that eternal love of God.

Make no mistake God is love and we are the midwives of the world.

~ Bob Holmes #WalkingWithWisdom


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Ophelia Pierre
Apr 10, 2022

...all that there is IS ...

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