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  • Bob Holmes


Have you ever seen lovers gaze into each other's eyes,

or sit silently, looking out over the ocean?

No words are necessary.

In fact, they just seem to get in the way.

As love draws us deeper into the oneness of our hearts,

our two hearts begin to beat as one

as we breathe together.

So it is with old friends.

Just their mere presence means everything to us.

Everything else is lost in the moment we're together.

It's like this with silence.

As we enter and dwell together with God, no words are necessary.

Our hearts begin to beat as one.

Our spirits mingle in a mutual dwelling of God in us

and us in God.

This is what restoration is all about...

God's restoring our original intent,

the profound mystery of wholeness, oneness,

the unity of belonging, presence, and rest.

We are like lovers and old friends

who yearn to sit and dwell with the Holy One

in this vast mystery of eternity.

Enter in, Come cross the threshold

Come, let us enter in.

~ Bob Holmes #comeintothequiet

Photo: Tammy Lynn Hunt Salaza


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