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Practicing The Flow of Abundant Life

Gratitude Untangles Us

Gratitude untangles us from our suffering. Gratitude helps shift our body and mind, out of our 'me world'.

Gratitude can shift us into the flow of our higher being, flowing like this river, with the banks of our body in the past on the left, and the banks of our rambling mind on the right, as we flow in the river of abundant life in this eternal present.

A runner feels this, as their body and mind fall away while they enter into the flow of running.

We move into this meditative state of flow on a long-distance drive.

The distinction is at what level of conscious awareness we are living.

Let's enter into the flow of life, of abundant living, fully awake and fully aware. It's a great spiritual practice in whatever level of awareness we are at the start.

Let's practice love, or joy, or peace and see where it leads us.

~ Bob Holmes #Comeintothequiet


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