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O Can You Hear It?

O Can You Hear?

My heart longs for this eternal mystery that is beyond me in every way.

A thirst that draws me in and calls me out, deeper... surrounding, above and beyond me.

This mystery is larger and deeper than my wildest dreams... Beyond all that I could ever have imagined in a hundred million lifetimes.

You're leading me O how your love is leading me beyond the bounds of time and space, You call us in, remaking, evolving and transforming from the inside out all things are made new.

And so I pass by the answers, and the formulas, and the creeds to embrace this mystery of Christ in me

I cross the eternal threshold to walk with God in the cool of the day in this sunset evensong.

Embraced I am undone, unmade In the eternal unknowing...

By the breath of God, I am fashioned in this eternal present, with a goodness my heart cannot fathom or contain, It spills overflowing me

Gratitude is the only gift for what we are being given, We cannot but give out of the image of God within us.

This is the air we breathe into the hearts and lives of every human being, every man, woman, and child, as heaven and earth resound, forever singing, Holy, Holy... within, through, and among us, Holy... the earth shakes throughout all of creation as heaven is born on earth

Come, Come and hear the sound. Come, Come walk In the cool of the day and listen... Listen with all of your heart, and soul, and being. Breathe and know O Taste and see Be still and soak in eternity And know


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