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  • Bob Holmes

It's Like Living In Oneness

Walking With Wisdom

Our spiritual life Is like living in oneness

Here's the deal: Do we know who we really are?

We are vessels of living light, springs of life-giving water.

The spiritual life is not about seeking union with God.

Our spiritual life begins with our oneness in God.

Science tells us that over 85% of our communication is non-verbal. Your presence speaks volumes.

Our spiritual life is about working out this oneness into and through our presence. It is growing and integrating eternal life.

You see, In Christ, we receive this everlasting life.

It's like a glowing a living seed in the garden of our hearts, this eternal life grows and changes everything, even our very DNA, as we radiate this unconditional love of God in our words and deeds.

Our spirituality is abiding: connecting our spirit and allowing it to transform our temporal into the eternal.

Our spirituality begins in God and not in or of ourselves.

We are receivers and givers, we are springs that flow, we are vessels that carry, we are salt that seasons, we are light that illumines, we are the love of God manifesting in this world.

Yes, we are broken vessels, broken open revealing living light transforming others as we transform in this life-giving glory of creating light.

We begin every new morning. Our spiritual life begins with God and not with ourselves.

As we allow God to awaken our slumbering spirit and remove the scales off of our eyes, to see the eternal within and without us. We cannot but allow the glory of God to shine within and through us.

For it is in Christ that we are God's own sons and daughters, children of light, even creating light.

Life-giving waters flow through us. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Our eyes are windows to the eternal. We carry the presence of God within us to the whole world.

We are Christ's hands and feet, heart and voice, that quickening life of the spirit, awakening as we awaken. Walking with God in the cool of the day.

We are conduits of the grace and mercy of God.

Let us be who we really are in Christ.


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1 Comment

Miles Kierson
Miles Kierson
Dec 06, 2021

I am struck with what you are doing and who you are being. Maybe better said as being stroked gently in my heart. Thank you...On a different topic, I subscribed just now and as I clicked it I noticed I had a typo in the first name -- it is Miles, not Milee.

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