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Integrating Our Temporal Life With The Eternal

Lent is about following Jesus through loss, and grief. Lent is about the process of Jesus being undone and unmade before our eyes.

Deep grief never truly leaves us in this life. But once we are broken open, the light can get in. The miracle is that we can hold our temporal grief in one hand, and eternal joy in the other.

Yes, for some of us, it's healthy to throw sand in the air, to wail, and lament. But even in our grief, suddenly the clouds may part for a moment, where we gain our footing in joy.

Gratitude slowly breaks apart the resistance of our self-suffering Like rain in the desert dancing for joy.

So Hold to the light Walk into your being.

For you are the light of the world born of the radiance of God born and born again, from above. Life flows from your being fresh from the springs of heaven In joy, and in light, love comes...

Joy is the strength of your heart Joy is the light of your eyes Joy is the breath of your being dancing in the wholeness of God.

So Drink, Drink deep from the springs of joy Overflowing your lips Your heart, and your eyes, Like light dancing on the earth.

~ Bob Holmes #comeintothequiet


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