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From Christian Fundamentalism to Christian Mysticism

Or From the Attempt of Orthodoxy to Orthopraxy

I'm well aware I lose my Scripture quoting friends when I speak mystical stuff, so here's the skinny.

I made a full 40-year circle with Christian leaders I know, from Christian Fundamentalism to Christian Mysticism. In time, I may tell the whole story about how Elizabeth and I, when we returned from our honeymoon ran off with the Plymouth Brethren living and witnessing on college campuses, constantly reading and studying the Bible and Francis Schaeffer, steeped in Christian Fundamentalism.

A former Plymouth Brethern Pastor, Brian Mclaren says, "We gave you Christian Fundamentalism and the Rapture Theory, thank you very much." Meeting Brian and Frank Schaeffer at the Wild Goose Festival back in September was a 40-year full circle with these guys. I just wish Elizabeth Holmes, who became a mystic in her last two years, had lived to see it. You can see the physical change in the photos I've posted of her. She radiated.

So, tagging on to what C.S. Lewis says here,

Jesus says "You search the Scriptures because you think you have eternal life in them, but the Scriptures point to me." Jn. 5:39
and again, "It is the Spirit that quickens, the flesh profits nothing. The Words I speak to you are Spirit and they are life." Jn. 6:63
Finally, Jesus says, "Abide in me and I in you...for apart from me, you can do nothing." Jn. 15:4,5

Mysticism is embodiment. It is two levels beyond our limited literal view. It's where unity and wholeness in our fractured, fallen, dualistic inner lives dwells.

It's not that we've lost our analytical mind, we just don't live there anymore. We live out of our center frame of reference which is God's wholeness, not in our brokenness. We are a broken masterpiece in Christ.

We dwell and embody Christ. It is the ultimate reality in these shadowlands. We are learning to live heaven on earth, more than a legal system, and more than a relational one, it is the embodiment, Christ in us, and that my love, is the sure hope of Glory.

This is beyond what we know or what we believe, it's who we are. We are love, we are peace, we are joy. It is our essence and character in Christ. It is our energy, presence, and lifestyle. When Scripture talks about God's sons and daughters, yep, this is it.

We become mystics walking in time and eternity, in this ever eternal present.


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1 Comment

Feb 05, 2022

I felt and heard a glimpse of I AM today, who came into my being and healed me of trauma, from the inside out. This is the most alive and perfect feeling that I have ever known, and what you describe seems to align with this precept.

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