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  • Bob Holmes

Camping On Bear

Elizabeth and I would always go camping on her birthday.

Once we were camping on Bear Lake and visited the Munson Ranger Station. I asked one of the Rangers about places to go and he mentioned Three Hatchet Road named after the Native American Trail that went from somewhere in Georgia to the Gulf Coast shore. It was a trading trail.

Then he told me he was Cherokee and I told him I was too. So he begins calling me Brother telling me of three Beaver Dams we just had to see and it was close by.

As we were driving to the Beaver dams, there was a big bird I thought was a Turkey Vulture in the middle of the road. As we got closer, it was an Eagle who slowly rose and spread his 6 ft wingspan completely covering our windshield as he flew off over us.

If that wasn't enough to take our breaths away, we ran across these beauties at the Beaver dams. Sometimes we get a glimpse of walking in the choreography of God.

The White-Topped Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia leucophylla is a tall southern carnivorous pitcher plant with distinctively red and white-colored trumpets.


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3 comentarios

16 oct 2021

A beautiful story that shows God is in the details if we are humble enough to see them. Thank you for sharing.

Me gusta
16 oct 2021
Contestando a

Thank you Patricia!

Me gusta
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