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A Morning Sunrise

Reflections for Day 1 of our Advent 21 Day Centering Prayer Challenge

Each day put your thoughts to one side and turn to prayer and contemplation, this will draw the Divine closer to you, for Spirit can’t resist a seeking heart. As you take your soul to prayer she expresses her willingness for union, as you reverse your senses inwardly you open yourself up to great healing, an intuitive focus is reconnected that draws and bathes the Soul in its natural essence.

Continue to pray even when going through dry periods or as St John of the Cross called such times ‘Dark nights’ pray even when you feel nothing is happening, have faith during such times, remember prayer that is heartfelt goes to God when you pray from the heart have faith that God is healing and working secretly for you, sometimes he needs to move you out of the way that’s why we may feel abandoned at such times, God is just preparing you for better experiences.


Lord as I sit in silence laying all thoughts aside I gaze upon the doorway to where you dwell with my Will surrendering to Thee. Gently guide me to the inner room beyond time and memory borne of mind, immerse all my being in my soul where your abiding presence dwells. Bless my willingness which seeks you in this scared embrace, touch my soul with your eminenting love that ripple’s through me. O Great preceptor sharpen my soul’s preceptions, enable me to hear your gentle whisper that sings so sweetly to my soul ” Come here and rest, learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart.”


A little bit of Bio…..My name is Conor McCourt, I am a husband and father of 7 wonderful kids, and yes life is busy! I have been practicing meditation and Christian contemplation for over 25 years, so I am well aware of the twist, turns, and surprises of the journey. Contemplative living has enhanced my life, giving me a deeper experience of God’s presence which is available not just in times of spiritual practices but in all aspects of daily life.


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