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A Deep Dive Into Savouring

Diving deep into Savouring, I realize I've had deep and profound spiritual encounters and experiences my whole life, but I know so many who've had their own deep and profound encounters and experiences with God, but in the afterglow, nothing changed. Why? Why did It not embody within them?

Somehow Savouring takes us into a deeper, and higher consciousness where things hardwire in our hearts.

Let me give you a recent example. I'm still wearing my Wild Goose bracelet and tee shirt to remind me to stay present to the change that started there. I had a full embodied awakening and healing that astounds me every day. I could move on, or I could savour it as it unfolds and embodies within me like the slow unfolding of a rose opening me more and more.

We've all have these encounters with mystery and the Holy, but do we take time to notice or do we get on with life? Are the eyes of our heart open?

When Jesus says, "Do this in Remembrance of me." Are we going through the motions, doing the forms or do we move into an eternal remembering with Christ?

It reminds me of what Jesus said, "Before Abraham was I Am."

Jesus was present in two timestreams at once, time and eternity. He was present with his disciples and he was present before Abraham was born. And since we are in Christ, this same I Am ness is in us. What's lacking is awareness and what's needed is waking up every day, a thousand times a day if need be.

Let me give you a visual prompt. Pull out a piece of white paper and put a dot in the middle of it. That one dot represents all of time and space from the beginning to the end, while the white paper represents eternity.

As God inhabits eternity, this is how God is always present to you and me. God is with us even in our darkest night. There is no place God is not. We may create darkness, darkness may be imposed on us but darkness is and will always be swallowed up by light. Love is the burning light of God. Be the light of the world, and the salt of the earth. Love each other.

Let the savouring of transformation do its work.

~ Bob Holmes #lovedoes Selah.


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