• Bob Holmes

God Is Calling You

Wisdom For Advent

My soul rests in God alone… ~ Ps. 62:2

Most of us tend to read or quote the Scriptures at our ‘doing level’ of awareness. Something we have to work towards to attain. God, however, calls us into our ‘being level’ to sup with Him.

It’s not what we can say or do, abiding in Christ is being in Christ so that we might receive the flow of God’s life.

Being is our presence. Being is our deepest mode of living. Being is our deepest encounter of worship ~ being to Being, spirit in Spirit. Being is where we dwell.

It has been said, ‘The greatest gift you can give someone you love is your presence.’ And so it is with God.

As we await the Advent of Our Lord, God wants to meet you in the stillness. God wants to dwell with you and in you. This meditation practice is to help us to dwell

Now may the radical grace of God’s radiance indwell you.


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